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Lic. Marco Antonio Diaz Aguirre

General Manager





Sea of Cortes Property Management


Marco has managed my home in Loreto Bay for 2 years and has done an excellent job. When we had an air conditioning issue he had the repairs completed the very day we contacted him. He has also been able to contract a wide variety of repair and improvement projects, and the results have always been of the highest quality. His monthly reports are thorough and he includes many pictures with them. I would recommend Marco to any homeowner in Loreto and appreciate his cheerful and professional manner.




Duke Morton

Agua Viva 57



Sea of Cortes Property Management


We have been fortunate to have worked with Marco Diaz since our arrival in Loreto Bay several years ago. Our house was not completed when we bought it, so there were a number of projects needed to make it the home we wanted. Marco's coordination of contractors, knowledge of construction, and language skills made it all happen promptly and without problems.

Setting up our utility accounts and getting outages repaired would have been difficult for us since we are not Spanish speakers, but Marco arranged utility, internet and phone hookups for us. He continues to handle our monthly bills, repairs, maintenance, and home improvement projects. He works closely with contractors on our behalf and does not tolerate shoddy work.

Setting up our home required that furnishings and other supplies be shipped to Loreto. We continue to bring in items not available locally. Marco makes this easy by meeting with the delivery trucks and bringing the goods straight to our door.

Marco's friendly, honest, and straight forward attitude has helped make our Baja experience most enjoyable.



Jon Byer and Cathie Livingston

AV 232



Sea of Cortes Property Management


To whom it may concern:


My name is Guillermo Cuadra and my wife is Rosemary Delgado, We are the owners of FN251 in the Village of Loreto Bay and I am writing this letter in support of Mr. Marco Antonio Diaz (Sea of Cortes PM).


Marco has been our property manager for 2 years.   Marco has done an exceptional job in managing our property. He is thoughtful, thorough, trustworthy and professional. He stays one step ahead of us in identifying any issues that may arise in our Loreto home. He communicates well and follows through with our suggestions and concerns.


He has also gone out of his way to meet and greet people at the airport for us and is very accessible to everyone who uses our home. He is very knowledgeable of the Loreto/Nopolo resources and his vendors have all been reliable.


We would not hesitate in recommending him to other homeowners or organizations in Loreto, Feel free to call me or sending me an email, my cell is (408) 472-4851 and my email is



Guillermo L.Cuadra

FN 251



Sea of Cortes Property Management


To whoever this concerns,


We have been extremely happy with Marco and Sea of Cortes Property Management, Marco goes beyond the call of duty and He knows my house better than I do and makes sure it is always pristine.


He has a great team of people who can fix and mend anything from dishwashers to air conditioners and He also has incredible handymen who can make repairs in a moments time.

I don’t know how anyone could get better service with any other company.


Thank you, Marco, for making us a stress-free home!!!!!!


Debbie Hiatt




Sea of Cortes Property Management




This is a recommendation for Marco Antonio Diaz Aguirre (Sea of Cortes PM) from a resident of Loreto Bay in Nopolo, BCS, MX.  I met Marco through a contractor, Nabor  Zeferino Galeana who has a business called Grupo Multicolor.  I saw the work Nabor was doing in a house across from me and asked him for a bid on some work I wanted doing.  He did not speak English and connected me with Marco who acts as his translator and supervises the work Nabor does for his clients here.   That was the beginning of a working relationship with Nabor and Marco that has continued over several years. 


Marco supervised the many jobs that I have had Nabor do for me.  Marco tells me exactly what Nabor will do, sits with us when we sign contracts and receipts and supervises all aspects of Nabor’s workers.  If I have any questions Marco gets the answer from Nabor right away.  When Nabor is doing work for me, Marco shows up each morning, tells me what the workman will be doing that day and returns each evening to see that it is done.  He then reviews what has been accomplished that day and tells me what is the schedule for the following day.  He takes pictures and sends them to me if I am not here and communicates by email as well as making the daily contact.  He is what every supervisor should be: honest, committed, true to his word and does what needs to be done to see that a job is completed as determined in the beginning.


Marco has gone out of his way to assist me outside of a working relationship, help that is of a personal nature (like needing a ride into town or translating a document for me).  These are things that have nothing to do with the supervision of the job.  Because of his willingness to go out of his way to assist me, I consider him a friend as well and am always happy to see him.


This is a man who is committed to doing whatever it takes to make a living for his family.  He is capable, intelligent, responsible, friendly, and appears to be determined to be successful in whatever endeavor or challenge he undertakes.  I know Marco will get the job done.



Jo Jo Powell

AV 231



Sea of Cortes Property Management


It is my pleasure to recommend Marco Diaz (Sea of Cortes Property Management) and his work to complete any supervision construction project in an informed and timely manner.  Marco pays attention to the details and keeps you informed every step of the way.  He is both honest and trustworthy. 

 Thank you, Marco! 


Diane Norrby AV 74



Sea of Cortes Property Management


Re: Marco Antonio Diaz Aquirre (Sea Of Cortes Property Mangement)

Marco was the best property manager I have ever encountered. It is extremely disappointing to me that he is leaving our current management company to go elsewhere. I would seriously consider changing the management company if his future employer is also a vendor at Loreto Bay
resort. As an owner of multiple homes in the US and elsewhere, I interact with a number of companies and with people who manage and maintain our properties. Some do it well, some perhaps are more detail oriented than others, but Marco does it entirely different than
anyone else: Marco does it with a sense of pride and ownership that is beyond what one can reasonably expect from a third party company.

In short, he does his job over and beyond any reasonable expectation so that the customer is left nothing short of truly amazed and satisfied at a job very well done. I cannot more enthusiastically support Marco in his search for another job. I believe that the way he works is excellent not just for working in property management, but in any other venture he wants to go into. I know he will succeed fantastically in his next job.


Best  wishes, Jeremy Law, MD from AV 228
Denver, Colorado
Phone: 3039082766



Sea of Cortes Property Management


“Marco has been excellent to work with in every way and we highly recommend his property management services. He’s always very prompt to take care of every issue and always goes way above and beyond expectations. You will not be disappointed in her services!”

Chad Tackett

AV 147



Sea of Cortes Property Management


For many years, I've known Marco Diaz (Sea of Cortes Property Management) to be a hardworking, expert, and concerned for the welfare of his clients.

I've been confident that when I had needs, he would deliver prompt caring results.

Don Garvett

FN 169


Sea of Cortes Property Management


In my association with Marco, I found him to be a most trustworthy and capable manager.

He handled all projects excellently and managed the use of sub-contractors in a similar manner.

If you are looking for an excellent manager for your Casa, I highly recommend Marco.

Bill Thompson

AV 90


Sea of Cortes Property Management


To whomever, it may concern.


Marco Diaz was my  Property  Manager for several years until he started his own company, During this time I found him to be extremely good at his job.


One of his greatest attributes is his strong communication skills and ability to problem solve.


He was always very professional, hardworking and always had an extraordinary drive to please the customer.


I am pleased to provide him this reference!


Grant Potolicki

FN 166


Sea of Cortes Property Management


Had a LOVELY stay in Loreto Bay Homes…


My husband and I had a terrific experience with Marco as our property manager on our trip to Loreto.  He was so attentive to our needs and was in good communication with us before our trip even started.  He provided us with rental car leads and had water jugs left at the casita for us upon our arrival.  He spoke great English which was especially CRITICAL for us and my husband had a health scare and ended up in the Loreto hospital.  I was able to contact Marco and within 20 minutes he was at our side to translate for us to the nurses and Dr.  I couldn’t have been more RELIEVED as no one in the hospital spoke/understood English.  He went “over and above” for customer service.  Gracias to you Marco!


Lisa Kiblinger.

FN 251 Repeat Tenant.




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