Administration Services

In Sea of Cortes Property Management, we care about the services that you and your property need and deserve that is why we offer the following services.


Bill Paying Service Program

Projects Supervision Service Program

Administration Service Program

Landscaping Services (External Contractor)

Pest Control Services (External Contractor)

Preventive Maintenance & General Repair Services (External Contractor)

Housekeeping Services

Hurricane Preparations (from May 15th to November 30th of every year)

Special Projects and Renovations Services

Concierge Services 


Bill Paying Service Program


This Service is for those homeowners who don't want or need property management services but need someone reliable, transparent and safe that can pay their property monthly bills during his absence, this service does not require a contract or any period time and can be hired or cancel at any time.



Project Supervision Service Program


This service is for those homeowners that looking for someone reliable, trustworthy and safe to supervise any special project, repair or construction work on his property following step by step the work done with the comfort of receiving the daily report from our specialized personnel directly in your email.


Administration Service Program

 The Administration Service Program has the responsibility to inspect the property and pay all the property monthly 

 bills using the funds in the reserve fund account of the house, in the case the account did not have enough funds or

 reach the minimum establish balance our owner support will contact the Home Owner to make payment 

 arrangements, please see the most common Services that we gladly pay when you join us:

  • Water

  • Electricity

  • Gas

  • Communication Services (Internet, cable, and others if apply)

  • HOA Monthly Payments 

  • House Insurance (if applicable)

  • Catastro (Property Taxes)

  • Fideicomiso

  • External Service Providers like Housekeeping Services, Maintenance, Repair Services, Landscaping Services, Pest Control Services, Special Project Services, and any other services the property need will be paid only with the anticipated approval of the Home Owner.

  • Inspections of the property will depend on how often the owner hires.


Frequency of  Property Inspection


  • Weekly Inspection
  • By-Weekly Inspection
  • Monthly Inspection 



Landscaping Services


  • Consists of removing dry leaves and other garbage from the ground and under shrubs

          produced by cleaning and pruning plants.

  • Identification and removal of wasp nests within and around the garden.

  • Removal of weeds in the garden

  • Rake over and aerate the soil when necessary

  • Fertilizing plants in general as fertilization schedule

  • Clean the garden fountain as well as maintain full and clean water during guest or homeowner stay in the house, clean and drain the water from the fountain and leave it dry after the guest or homeowner leave the house.

  • Identification of pests affecting the quality and risk of any plants and report to the PM.


 The gardeners have all the tools needed to perform the proper maintenance and garden service, the gardeners are 

 completely qualified to perform maintenance landscaping services and prunings, removal  of any garden garbage and 

 transport all the garbage out of the property, preventive maintenance of residential irrigation system, an operational review of  the irrigation system, setting the irrigation controller according to every season or when the plant's needs, review of existing 

 irrigation droppers and cleaning them if necessary, regulation of the same irrigation droppers according to the type of  

 plant,  occasional detect leaks in the irrigation system and promptly report to PM to obtain the approval of the owner         

 and proceed with the repairs.


Additional Services With Extra Cost.

  • Severe pruning of trees or palm trees above 3 meters high, which involves using specialized equipment for pruning, as well as the staff required for such work and adequate removal of waste branches and leaves produced by the pruning.

  • Labor for planting in garden additional renovations to existing plants in the garden, planters or pots.

  • Irrigation equipment for irrigation extensions or corrections for plants in the garden.

  • Irrigation equipment to repair leaks secondary lines, irrigation valves and irrigation controllers.

  • Battery irrigation controller when necessary to replace it.

  • Replacement of submersible water pumps for garden fountains or wall fountains


Pest Control Services.

 This service can be scheduled either monthly, every 3 months, every 6 months or 1 time per year to prevent that any insects

or bugs could enter at your house and create a nest or any other issues, the recommended frequency is the monthly service for every property. 

 This service also included the fumigation of all the gardens and plants of the house to prevent the formation of any 

 plague or that any bugs can eat some of your plants.


Preventive Maintenance & General Repairs.

 When the house needs any general repairs or preventive maintenance the PM will notify the owner to see if  he       

 approves the repairs or the preventive maintenance services, the PM will inform the owner of the   cost of every repair 

 and the cost of every preventive maintenance the property could need.

 Please keep in mind that the perform of the preventive maintenance will keep in good conditions your 

 property equipment and also will help to extend the life of these types of equipment.



Housekeeping Services


        This Service can be scheduled by the owner, guest or tenant upon every check in or check out, please see the types of cleaning services that you can choose for your convenience.


Refresh Cleaning Service.


  • Refresh Bedrooms

  • Dress the Beds with Fresh Sheets and Linens (if there are clean linens in closet or armoire in the house)

  • Refresh the Kitchen and Wash Dishes in Dishwasher

  • Refresh the Living Room and Dining Room

  • Refresh Bathrooms

  • Remove all the Trash from the house


Check In / Check Out Cleaning Service


  • Sweep and Mop very well the house

  • Clean and remove all the dust from the furniture and windows

  • Wash all the sheets, linens and towels from the house (Bedrooms and Bathrooms)

  • Dress all the beds with clean sheets and linens

  • Clean the kitchen and wash all the dirty dishes using the Dishwasher

  • Clean the fridge and dispose of all the expired food

  • Clean the Microwave (Inside and Out)

  • Remove the Trash of the house

  • Mop and Clean the Terrace and Tower Floor

  • Mop and Clean the Courtyard Patio

  • Sweep and Clean the Stairs of the house

  • Cleaning BBQ Grill

 Please note that all the sheets, linens and towels will be wash using the Washer and Dryer from the house, as well as the dishes will be wash in the dishwasher, if the Dishwasher doesn't work then the cleaning crew will wash the dishes

by hand and this will have an extra cost if there is many.



Deep Cleaning Service.


  • Mop and sweep the house, clean and remove the dust of the Furniture, Cabinets, Drawers, Closets, and Armoires, clean the appliances and housewares of the House. 

  • Complete Kitchen Cleaning

  • Complete Living Room Cleaning

  • Complete Dining Room Cleaning

  • Complete Bathrooms Cleaning

  • Complete Bedrooms Cleaning

  • Terrace and Tower Cleaning

  • Cleaning all Windows of the house

  • Remove all the Trash from the house

  • Clean all the Ceiling Fans and Blades

  • BBQ Grill Cleaning 


Hurricane Home Preparations


 This service consists of preparing the property for any climate event between May 15th when the hurricane 

 season officially starts in all the Mexican Pacific Ocean and November 30th of each year when the hurricane 

 season ends.


Please see the following information:


  • All the terrace and tower furniture will be placed inside if the furniture is heavy to move the PM will place this furniture in one safe corner of the terrace or tower to avoid that any of this furniture could fly away.

  • All the terrace and tower cushions furniture will be placed inside of the upstairs bedroom of the house.

  • The Ceiling fan from the tower will be removed completely and place inside of the house or inside in the utility room when the hurricane season ends the ceiling fan will be installed back in its place.

  • If the property has a solar panel this will be turn off, they will be cover with a piece of plywood to protect it from any objects that could fly away from any directions and fail on the top and crack or break the delicate solar panel surface.

  • The cupula wood windows will be installing and these windows will be wrapping with plastic to avoid any water leaks if the house don has the wood covers the PM will cover these windows with plastic only.

  •  The PM will make sure that all the doors and windows of the house be completely closed and secure before any climate event.

  • If the house suffers water leaks the PM will contact the owner to ask if he approves the installation of plastics to cover the furniture and try to protect the furniture from any water damage, it is necessary the furniture will be a move to avoid damages.

  • It is necessary the PM will install Sacks of sand in any compromised doors of the property with the only purpose of stopping any flood problems inside the house.

  • The PM will check and inspect the house for any damages or issues after every climate event during the hurricane season and will send a complete report of the inspection during that time with pictures.


 Please note that the wood to cover the solar panel, the plastic to wrap the cupola windows, the sacks of sand,

 the plastics to cover the furniture, the work of move furniture away from any water leak inside the property 

 and the temporary uninstallation of the tower ceiling fan has an extra cost due to the material and labor 

 work and you can check the cost directly with the PM.


Special Projects, Renovation or Modification Services.


 This Service will be provided only under request and approval of the owner from the property and when 

 the PM communicates the owner that his property needs any of these services for example:

  • Waterproof Work

  • Permachink Treatment for some or all the Wood of the house (windows, doors, pergolas, etc.)

  • Paint or Plaster Work (Indoor, Outdoor or Exterior)

  • Installation of Ceramic Tile, Cantera, Laja Stone, etc.

  • Any Other Minor or Major Renovations

  • Any Construction Projects

 The PM will supervise the entire project or work from any contractor the owner approved and charging to 

 the owner 10% Supervision Fee from the total amount of the project.

 The Supervision fee consist of supervise the project and work daily from the beginning to the end of the 

 project, supervise all the employees from the contractor and make sure they perform and deliver the best 

 quality job and finish in their work, send pictures of the advances of the work to the owner with a full detail

 and description of what is happening, when the contractor finishes his work the PM will send pictures of the finished work to the owner in order to release the last payment for the contractor and if is necessary any 

 warranty work from the contractor during the establish time in the quote from the job the PM will make 

 arrangements for the warranty work service.


Concierge Services

  •  Reservations for Restaurants

  • Tours Reservations

  • Reservations to rent any vehicles (Car, ATV's, etc.)

  • Grocery Delivery Service / Water Delivery Service


  The grocery service has an extra cost and the owner, guest or tenant need to request this 

  service with a previous 48 hours anticipation note before the check-in date, the payment for 

  the grocery service will be collected one day after the check-in or also can be 

  collect 1 day before the check out date.



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